the olympic photo fury


…rosemary’s faults at fault…

after 3 different tours in 3 different apartments, these guys are still proudly protecting my bathroom sink. thank you for your bravery.

#reason14ofwhyimsingle #dontlaughthatdisneycombisvintage


I’m back

*title from “bring me down” by jordan calderon & the star foxes


When the Flaming Bag Prank Just Can’t Wait…

If I knew I could sell it, I wouldn’t be driving a Scion… This.  Changes.  Everything.

20,000 Barns

Olivia Newton John told me in a dream once that there was an old witch living in this barn that liked to change shapes on nights of the half moon and tool around the local library as an ocelot looking for a mailbox to poop into.  Problem is… which barn is it Olivia!?  Which barn is it?!?  This tobacco company has painted this logo on over 20,000 of these suckers since the 1890’s.  Mailboxes… fuck witches, man.


4 Way!

This is pretty cool… a restaurant in LA is serving Cincy Style Chili!  Although in college my version of a Cincinnati Four Way was me, two toothless girls from Walnut Hills and a roll of quarters.  Use your imagination… it was the 90s.


Who Names This Shit… Item 42

This product was probably named by a pederast.   …in his defense though, they are kinda funny to eat.  Maybe Ice Giggles would’ve been a better name.  Keep at it, intrepid entrepreneur!



It’s Olympics time and brothers and sisters, American citizens are gettin’ into it!  This fella here is the picture of American health and fitness.  All sarcasm aside, I think I’ll really enjoy living like they do in Wall-E.  “Friend I believe your foot’s eaten your shoe again!”


NOT a Test…

No shit Sherlock… its a IEC 61850 multi-vendor substation automation system made by ABB… which should be obvious to even the most dimwitted of individuals!  God, graffiti artists are idiots.